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A small great reality Oriented to the future

Specialisation and innovation have inspired the development of 3Rsince it was established in 1997. The foresight of the company’s founder, Raffaele Cavagna, has ensured steady growth by expertly capitalising on the firm’s strengths in the glass-making district where the business operates.

The experience gained while working with borosilicate glass tube, which was the company’s initial core business, has continuously been extended to new materials such as quartz and ceramic glass, with numerous innovative applications. This led to working in the lighting and furnishings sector where 3R developed its strength and dynamism, gradually adding new areas such as heating, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, and more recently the oil and gas industry.

Significant investment in R&D, application creativity, high standards of quality, specific control plans for each production phase, and highly-qualified personnel enable 3R to meet the most diverse requirements of an international clientele, and in particular to be a reliable partner when dealing with continually-developing markets.

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