Our Products

We mainly use the following brands to make our glass products:

Technical glass products

  • Borosilicate glass plates
  • Pyrex Rolled Sheet
  • Silk-screen printed borosilicate tubes
  • Calibrated tubes
  • Sandblasted and transparent borosilicate tubes and half tubes
  • Borosilicate 4 to 160 mm Simax glass tube
  • Borosilicate 3 to 450 mm Durans tube
  • Oval, square and rectangular tube
  • Sandblasted and silk-screen printed borofloat glass
  • Toughened soda-lime glass (discs and sheets)
  • Ceramic glass
  • Blown borosilicate glass for industrial, technical and artistic uses
  • Toughened glass
  • Shaped toughened glass

Sight glasses

  • Toughened borosilicate glass discs in accordance with DIN 7080-2005
  • Toughened soda-lime glass discs
  • Reflective/transparent sheets of borosilicate glass in accordance with DIN 7081
  • Glass for in-line sight glasses